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ICW News

ICW Announces 16-Man Tournament for the ICW Championship!
January 27th, 2015

A 16-Man Tournament to crown a NEW ICW Champion begins on Sunday, April 19th at ICW's Fan Fest.

The following 13 participants have been announced:

Jonny Vandal (Current D1PW Champion)
Dash Maverick (Former ICW Champion)
Jordan Rayner (Former ICW Champion)
Maxx Stardom (Former ICW Pure X Crown & US Tag Team Champion)
Aron Agony (Former FOW Champion)
K-Cling (Former ICW Pure X Crown Champion)
Jason Trade (Former ICW US Tag Team Champion)
Adrian MarX (Former ICW US Tag Team Champion)
Mike Monroe (Former ICW US Tag Team Champion)
Flex Magnum (Former ICW Women's Champion)
Julian Kelevra
Barrington Hughes
BJ Murdoch

The debuting "Misled Youth" Jude Mackenzie

Dates Announced for Spring of 2015!
January 6th, 2015

The following dates have been announced for the return of ICW.

April 19th, 2015 - Free Admission FanFest! Opening round of 16-Man Championship Tournament
May 16th, 2015 - Final three rounds of the Tournament to crown a New ICW Champion + New ICW Pure X Crown Champion will also be crowned.

ICW Returns in the Spring of 2015!
January 6th, 2015

From ICW President Jorge Portuondo:

Two years and two months after the would-be demise of ICW, I want to go on here and thank everyone involved, especially the fans. No one was hurt more than I was to have to close the doors on the baby I created, ICW. Looking back at that moment in time, I felt alone trying to keep a venue that didn’t want us there, trying to put on some of the best entertainment possible all while the entertainers themselves went on nonsensical sabbaticals.

At the time we had united the ICW and FOW Championship, something I never thought would be possible 10 years prior. Lethal Lottery was to be held in December and the writing team was looking forward to this event like never before. The possible card lined up was probably the best card we had ever put together. This was also going to lead to the beginning of the push for a certain 5 star superstar to have his first run with the ICW Championship.

We lost the ICW Arena (Polish American Club). I scrambled to find a venue last minute with two possibilities always available. I asked for help from my team, and all I got was negativity. I had no help and I was stuck at my job for 15 hours a day. We decided to cancel the event and hold off until January or February of 2013. Venues were coming through for March and April. I then received a phone call from my “best friend” that he had gotten the Polish American Club, but that he was going to run his own company. Promising change in the atmosphere and more hands to help, everyone jumped on the Anti-ICW band wagon and jumped on board. Everyone!

Fast forward to 2015. Everyone is bitter and pissed off in that company simply because the lack of communication and the pushing of the promoter's best buds, something I was bashed about by the same individual.

This is my side of the story that I have been DYING to get out for over two years. Now it’s out.

But before I finish this very Prime-like essay. I will ask that we all rejoice in what ICW brought you.

1) Monthly entertainment with a “I don’t give a fuck about what anybody thinks” mentality.
2) A mix of styles and characters that would entertain any segment of our audience
3) A location to see potential wrestlers get their jumpstart and grow into some of the best talent anywhere today.
4) The best tag team and female wrestling seen in South Florida for some time. Damn you Angel Rose!
5) Prior to the Con shows the only place to see Adrian Morales live through his Superstar like Joker character
6) The only place where a veteran and FOW Champion like Tommy Vandal would get eliminated by a 3 year old in a Battle Royal.
7) The only place where a promoter, who had just gotten elbow surgery, would job to a 2 year old still on a pacifier.
8) The only place where you could have found: a Jersey KiD, a Dirt Bike Kid, a Juggernaut, a Beast, a Lil’ E, a Garbage Mann, an Outlaw, a Trigger, a Justin Sane, a Daniel Modem, a Golden Boy, a Jack the Ripper, a Kevin Cling, a Mark K. Fabian, a Hitman Machine, a Blackheart, a Snakemaster all on a Network that cost more than $9.99.
9) Also the only place where you could see stars like Dash Maverick, Shawn Prime, Jordan Rayner, Brian Brody, Ernest R. Alexander III, Skorpio, Joker, Maxx Stardom, Aron Agony, Julian Kelevra, TC Read, Jack Zero, K-Cling, Teddy Khan, JT Flash, Sean Allen, Abudadein all on a System that did not crash.
10) There are many others that I did not mention but those are just a few I posted for obvious reasons, those who get it awesome, those who don’t…really?
11) I want to thank everyone that ever worked for ICW from the days of Ton and Lit Fuse, to the days of the Midnight Studs and the Dade County Collision, to the more recent years of the Mykal Manix’, TradeMarX, TECH, Calypso, J-Biggs etc. A Special Thanks goes out to Rusty Brooks, Flex Magnum, and Big Daddy Gonzo.
12) I want to thank my friends, our fans, my wife, my family, and a special thanks to my parents for putting up with ICW for so many years and being there to back me up the whole way.
13) Lucky # 13. Oh yeah there is one more thing:

After a two-year hiatus, ICW returns in the Spring of 2015!

ICW Closes It's Doors After 12 Years!
April 12th, 2014

On December 9th, 2012 ICW decided to stop running events. Leaving one promise behind. That this closure will not be forever. That ICW will one day comeback and the ICW fans will one day be witness to LuchaFest IV!


ICW Photos

April 19th - FREE Fan Fest
May 16th - Resurgence

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